A Plan for Success
Step 1 – Program Design
Crowd Systems works with you to develop a crowd management program that fits your needs. We take a number of factors into consideration when designing your program, including:
  Type of event.
  Characteristics of venue.
  Size of crowd.
  Number and types of exhibits.
  Number and location of entrances and exits.
  Methods of queuing.
  Methods of communication.
Step 2 – Staffing Options
Crowd Systems not only helps you establish a crowd management program for your event, we also provide the personnel to implement it. Each member of our staff has been trained in customer service, safety procedures, and venue specific details. As a result, Crowd Systems’ uniformed staff members project an image of confidence and professionalism.

Staffing options include:
  Event staffers – to serve as ushers, ticket takers, badge checkers, and crowd directors.
  Licensed security guards – to monitor exhibits and equipment during your event or after hours.
  Off-duty police officers – to provide armed security for events and exhibits.
Year after year, the services provided by Crowd Systems have proved to be the most economical way to meet your staffing needs. Call TODAY to design your plan for success.
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