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hpcollageIt’s your event, down to the last detail—the venue, the schedule, the exhibits, the entertainment—everything. And essential to the success of your event is a carefully planned crowd management program. When carried out by well-trained personnel, a crowd management program creates an environment that’s safe, secure, and trouble-free for your guests.

Crowd Systems, the recognized leader for event staffing in the Greater Kansas City area, works with you to customize your program. With over 40 years of experience in crowd management and security services, we are experts.

Crowd Systems has a reputation for –

Personal attentionCrowd Systems listens to you. We design crowd management programs that fit your needs. Your input is integral to the design process.

Solid reliability – Whether you need staffing for a fine arts performance or an NFL football game, Crowd Systems has the personnel to cover your event.

Venue expertise – With extensive knowledge of virtually every venue in the Greater Kansas City area, Crowd Systems creates a plan that provides appropriate staffing throughout your location … even those areas you may not have considered.

Superior customer care – The entire Crowd Systems workforce is trained in customer service, safety procedures, and venue specific details, thus creating a responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable team for your event.

Let us help design the staffing for your next event!!